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Boss Bundle (85 Acrylics-Entire Acrylic Line)

Boss Bundle (85 Acrylics-Entire Acrylic Line)

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Includes our entire acrylic line. LOOK at you boss, investing in yourself! 

All Core Powders - Glass, Marshmallow, Natural Blend, Bare, Bubblegum Pink and more will come in the Large Signature 4oz Jar so you are stocked up with your main powders. 

All Cover Powders- Deep Pink, Perfection, Balance, Smokey Quartz, Natural, Mahogany, and many more!

All Pigment Powders-Charcoal, Flourish, Hope, Peace, Push Pop, Lilac, Celestial, Passion, Sherbert, Sky, Dream, Mauve, and over 20 more! 

All Glitter Powders- Entire Zodiac Collection, Blinding Lights Collection, Adore Me, Love Me, Party Time, Fuschia, and many more!

All Glow-In-The-Dark Powders- Shego, Shooting Star and Ice! 

All powders included will come in 1oz Signature Jars (core colors come in 4oz jars). As we add more powders to our collection, we will include any new powders released at the time of purchase (so you may get additional powders for free)

Guaranteed fifty six 1oz acrylic powders in KNS Signature Jars and five 4oz Large KNS Signature Jars

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