Collection: Rhinestones and Accessories

Currently, KNS is making some company changes that include restructuring our fine flatback crystal offerings. Since inception of KNS in May 2019, we had made a name for ourselves as the Swarovski Plug, keeping Charlotte nail techs with all of the Crystal AB stones and shapes that Swarovski had to offer.


As of Black Friday 2020, KNS made the decision to phase out our inventory of Swarovski Crystals. This decision was made after the global announcement of Swarovski phasing out their Loose Components (Nail Crystals and other products) by Summer 2021. While the world makes this transition over to Preciosa Crystals, KNS will continue to sell quality rhinestone accessories and promise to keep our amazing customers updated on the status of our Preciosa inventory.

Preciosa is not currently able to meet the sudden worldwide demand for their crystals, but they are working quickly to ramp up their operations. As soon as KNS can guarantee inventory to our customers, we will pick up right where we left off and make a name for ourselves as the new Preciosa Plug.