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Complete Gel Polish Line (54 Bottles and Swatchboard)

Complete Gel Polish Line (54 Bottles and Swatchboard)

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You don't have to choose! Get every single gel polish item that Kreativ Nail Supply has to offer plus a ready-made swatchboard will all colors pre-swatched with topcoat and matte topcoat! As a bonus, you will receive:

Two KNS Signature No-Wipe Diamond Gel Topcoat

Two KNS Signature Matte Gel Topcoat

KNS Signature Gel Basecoat

All Reflective Gel Polishes:

Sparkle (Silver)

Jade (Pink)

Champagne (Gold)

Dashing (Red)

Grinch (Green)

Nefera (Teal)

All Gel Polishes Offered:

Arctic (Blue)

Autumn (Reddish Orange)

Black (Black)

Blanc (Off-White)

Brat (Pink that matches acrylic powder Brat)

Carnation (soft pink)

Coral (Pink with an orange undertone)

Daffodil (Yellow that matches acrylic powder Daffodil)

Dark Magenta (Purple)

Desire (Red)

Enlighten (Violet)

Fantasy (Deep Purple)

Ferrari (Bright Red)

Ginger (Brown)

Gingerbread (Brown)

Green Tea (Light Green)

Hazel (light brown)

Inspire (Purple)

Iris (Light Lavender)

Marshmallow (Milky White matches acrylic powders Marshmallow and Shooting Star)

Merlot (Brown with a slight red undertone, very close match to Mahogany acrylic powder)

Mystical (Light Purple)

Noir (Black)

Pecan (Darker Brown)

Persian Blue (Bright Blue)

Pineapple (Bright Yellow)

Pink Ruby (Dark Pink)

Queen (Purple)

Rose (Light Nude Pink)

Rosewood (Deep Dark Brown)

Royal (Bright Blue)

Royalty (Deep Purple)

Sea Foam (Teal)

Shamrock (Green)

Sheer Peach

Sheer Pink

Sky (Light Blue)

Spice (Brown)

Sugar Cookie (Light Nude Brown)

Tango (Orange with a brown undertone)

Tigger (Bright Orange)

White (White)

Wise (Dark Blue)

For best results use with Kreativ Nail Supply's Diamond Gel Topcoat or Matte Topcoat that’s included with this product.


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