Where We Stand

We must use our platform to fulfill our purpose. As a black business-owner in the conservative red state of North Carolina, our purpose is to persuade and influence a change to the conscious thought of Black America.  

For the naysayers: You tell people to not protest, you tell people to not loot, you tell people to not become violent and belligerent. But no one tells the police anything. No one tells the Amy Coopers anything. No one tells the Donald Trumps anything. Your silence is siding with the oppressor.  

There is no protection of Black Americans. We have always been left to defend ourselves with little no resources. 

Since the people of Africa were human trafficked to America hundreds of years ago we haven’t seen any form of legal protection. We have more legal protection as business owners and as a married lesbian couple than we do as black females. This is a problem. 

This is a problem. How the color of your skin determines a police officers patience. How the color of your skin makes someone dial 911 simply because of your presence in “their” neighborhood. How the color of your skin can turn an afternoon jog into a run for your life. 

This will stop. This is our country. This is our land. This is OUR LIVES and we will live it by any means necessary.