A Letter from our CFO

Kreativ Nail Supply: A Letter from the CFO 

 June 21, 2022

First off, I just want to thank you all for being a part of this ever-changing journey. I am honored and excited to be the CFO of my state’s first black-owned nail supply store. It’s been an amazing journey from where we started to where we’ve grown in less than 3 years (not to mention during a pandemic).  


Since day 1, we’ve been committed to transparency with our Dreamers. With that commitment at the forefront of everything we do, I felt compelled to let our Dreamers know about important milestones we’ve reached and how it is going to impact you and future Dreamers moving forward.


To have a business go from packing our first order in our cramped apartment living room to becoming a staple resource that the city depends on in less than 3 years, is a huge adjustment that most companies take generations to accomplish. I’m here to tell you, this is only the beginning! It hasn’t been an easy journey and there have been bumps along the road and many long nights, but we’ve gotten to this milestone by truly taking a look in the mirror and asking ourselves, are we continuing to be the change that the city (and our eDreamers) need? Are our processes efficient and easy to understand?


After doing months of self-reflection, employee retraining and process improvement, I’m very happy to say, we were able to permanently reduce pricing on product costs, shipping costs, delivery costs, order fulfillment times and much more! We heard your feedback and have stayed true to our commitment to serving you better.


Like I tell everyone I come in contact with, “you have to put yourself out there! Those first time hiccups, jitters (and mistakes) are going to happen no matter how long you wait do it so you might as well get it out of the way now!” I stand ten toes down on that statement. Kreativ Nail Supply has gotten those first-time moments and learning curves out of the way so we can truly stamp ourselves as this state’s best nail supply store.


Since initially opening to the public at our cousin’s hair salon back in 2019, to getting and remodeling our first building in mid 2020, to hiring full-time staff to help with the daily workload, you have stayed loyal. Through all our growing pains and learning moments, you stayed loyal. From your loyalty we have grown. We are forever indebted.


Since 2019, we’ve been able to add services that the nail community so desperately needed such as being the only dedicated nail supply store open on Saturday, expanding our same-day delivery service to the entire county and beyond, accepting Buy Now Pay Later options such as Afterpay, Sezzle, Klarna, Zip and more both in-store and online. Now offering eFile repair services and warranties. Partnering with nail schools in the community and providing retail exposure to other small brands, we’ve really been busy providing our community with quality nail supplies.  


Our service offerings don’t just stop at WHAT we do for you, but HOW we do it for you. We pride ourselves on making sure we put you first in everything we do. Always greeting you with a smile, going above and beyond to make sure you know how to use anything you’ve purchased from us, and making a way when it seems like there’s no way.


I sat and reflected on how I would address our Dreamers. We could have planned a TikTok, a reel or some other video form of indirectly informing you. But I thought that I would come direct and transparent as humbly as I know how and simply write a letter. Thank you for taking the time to read (which is quickly becoming a lost art with the social media age replacing written communication).


I cant wait to see what the future holds for the nail industry and what the future holds for Kreativ Nail Supply and our  Dreamers. I’ll leave you with the mantra that I live my life by:


“As long as you put your best foot forward, you’ll always be moving in the right direction.”



Latoya Lee

CFO, Kreativ Nail Supply


Kreativ Nail Supply, Charlotte's #1 Nail SupplyKreativ Nail Supply, Charlotte's #1 Nail Supply