Zodiak Kollection 2.0

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Zodiak Sign

Do you all remember THE original KNS Zodiak Kollection? A smash hit that sold out within weeks of its original release! We promised to release future collections and now it’s finally here! The Zodiak Kollection features one acrylic powder symbolic of each zodiac sign its named after. Each powder, carefully formulated to match the fire, water, air, and earth signs characteristics.

Pisces, glitter reflects as if fish were swimming in its pure ocean. Aquarius, commanding the room as a stand-alone acrylic powder, but also allowing other acrylic powder and nail art to shine if used as an accent. 

This compilation of acrylic powders has had a slight shakeup from the original collection. Sagittarius, known for trying new things, is straying away from our traditionally-given color schemes of the Gregorian calendar. We’ve decided to leave the winter colors that have haunted us in the past, and be true to ourselves. Pink in late November/ December? I think so. 

We love the Geminis in our lives, but let’s be honest, they tend to be Moody. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini’s tend to be here, there and everywhere. Gaze into the Gemini Acrylic Powder and see their angles change just as a petal falls, flipping like confetti from a Bradford pear tree in any given spring breeze. 

Explore the rest of our Zodiak Kollection and see how it relates to the Zodiacs in your life. 

Contents: 2oz