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KNS "Forever" Signature Acrylic Brush (PRE-SALE READY BY JULY 10)

KNS "Forever" Signature Acrylic Brush (PRE-SALE READY BY JULY 10)

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Kreativ Nail Supply is proud to present the KNS Signature Acrylic Brush. It's quickly gaining the nickname "The Forever Brush", as these brushes are truly standing the test of time. With proper maintenance these brushes are lasting for years. 
Known for its great liquid retention and acrylic powder is easy to pickup. The high quality of the kolinsky hairs ensures your brush will be long lasting and durable. The perfect compliment to the KNS Brand Product Line. For best results, use with KNS Acrylic System and clean after every use with KNS Brush Cleaner. 

Available in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18! 

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