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Face Masks 50pcs

Face Masks 50pcs

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50 Single use face masks per box. The mask or earloops do NOT contain latex.

Medical Surgical Masks 

Indication for Use: This product is indicated for infection control practices in the health care industry. When worn properly, the medical surgical mask is intended to protect both patient and wearer from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate material. 

Shelf Life: 2 Years


>98% protection for Surgical Loops.  Surgical loops are ideal for filtering larger exposure to potentially contaminated fluids. Face masks minimize exposure to disease, infection or viruses.

The Ear Loop Face Mask is made of a 3-ply construction and a single-up mask for daily use. This lightweight mask was designed to provide comfort and easy breathing. 3 layers of protection with high-quality manufacturing.

  • BFE: >98% (Bacterial filtration efficiency)
  • PFE: >98% (Particle filtration efficiency)
  • Flame spread: Class I

Do not store products in high heat enviroments.

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