Collection: Queen Of Hearts

We had alot of fun making this set. We went with a black, red and white theme, but you can always put your own twist on it! We alternated the base colors between white and black. We used our 4XL Stiletto Press-On Nail Tips and shortened them to the desired length using a Tip Cutter and approx 8 Tip Cutter Magnets. 

From the left: 

Nail 1:

We applied white gel polish, then a layer of transfer foil gel. We then cut the playing card decals so we could do a checkerboard pattern between black cards and red cards. Then applied a layer of Diamond Gel Topcoat.

Nail 2:

Applied black gel polish. Be careful to apply two THIN coats of black gel polish to prevent wrinkling. Apply Red Chrome #10 to the entire nail. Then apply a layer of transfer foil gel. We cut out the Queen Playing Card Center, two Qs, and 2 small hearts. Then applied Diamond Gel Topcoat.

Nail 3: 

Applied white gel polish for the base. Then applied clear blooming gel, Used small dots of Ferrari (Red), Blanc (white), and Noir (black) gel polish. Swirled a little bit and let the blooming gel take care of the rest. Cured to stop the blooming at the desired style. Apply a layer of transfer foil gel. Then cut out similar sized black and red hearts and placed in a spaced out alternating pattern. Applied Diamond Gel Topcoat.

Nail 4: 

Started with black gel polish as the base. Applied Matte Gel Topcoat and cure. We designed the hearts with small drops of Diamond Topcoat. 

Nail 5: 

Started with white gel polish as the base. Applied transfer foil gel and cured. Applied decal of joker. Applied Diamond Gel Topcoat.