Collection: ❤️Let Love Inspire You❤️

Love makes you happy.
Love makes you hopeful.
Love makes you grateful.
Love makes you inspired.
Love changes your life.

Recreate this Valentines Day set, with these KNS products! 

The 3XL Beeline Tips give the perfect canvas to recreate this set. Lay all acrylic with our Tear of a Dreamer Low-Odor Monomer, the Signature Acrylic Brush. Leo, the glitter Zodiac Acrylic Powder is ombre'd into the beautiful Deep Pink Nude Acrylic powder. Capped with a thin layer of Glass Clear Acrylic Powder. 

Dont forget to hydrate the cuticles and hands with our cuticle oil pen that smells amazing!

Credit for nail design: Keshia Lee IG: @TheeKreativLee