Who Is KreativLee?

Who Is KreativLee?

Kreativ Nail Supply was started in May 2019, by my amazing wife, Keshia Lee. In short, this store was created to provide quality nail care products and accessories to nail salons, licensed and self-taught nail professionals. In reality, Kreativ Nail Supply is much deeper than that.

Keshia has always had a passion for nails. I blame my mother-in-law. Keshia and her mom spent a lot of bonding time getting full sets and fill-ins since the age of 10. Her semi-monthly pampering ritual eventually turned into a hobby. Then her hobby inevitably turned into a side hustle. She enrolled at the Academy of Nails and Esthetics, where she turned her side hustle into a career. Keshia's career took off faster than even the most ambitious could have ever anticipated, due to her raw talent, undistracted dedication to her craft, and an amazing support system of family and friends who refuse to see her be anything but her best.

That same energy, dedication, and support is mirrored in the mission of Kreativ Nail Supply. Keshia understands the dynamics and challenges faced at every milestone in a nail technician's career. Kreativ Nail Supply is much deeper than a store that sells nail supplies. Keshia has committed to her nail tech family by educating anyone willing to learn, supporting in any way she can, and providing quality no matter the cost.

To get to know more about Keshia and her ever-evolving journey, follow her on Instagram @theekreativlee

-Latoya Lee 

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