Recent Changes to Monomer Sizes

Recent Changes to Monomer Sizes

Kreativ Nail Supply is home to the highest quality EMA monomer on the planet, quite literally. We've successfully shipped monomer to every state in the US, US territories, Canada, Europe and the list grows everyday. 

For anyone new to the nail industry or new to acrylic nails, monomer (also known as Ethyl Methacrylate or EMA) is the purple nail liquid used with acrylic powder (also known as polymer) to create acrylic nails. The brand acrylic system that you choose to use is critical to every nail technician's craft.

For years, Kreativ Nail Supply has been providing multiple size options for our monomer. After years of studying the industry and the needs of nail technicians, it is best to consolidate all size offerings to 16oz and gallon-size (128oz). You're still getting the same perfectly formulated monomer, just in a new size! Dreamers are already beginning to see the benefits of the 16oz size. The price point is amazing. Shipping is now seamless. The new container keeps ergonomics in mind. 

Just the new price point alone would have had me sold. Our best selling size was the 8oz monomer, which was retired a few weeks prior. For only a few dollars more, you're securing double the amount of liquid. 

"But Toya, I don't need that much monomer! I'm only practicing nails?!" 

Oh really? Did you know beginners on average use triple the amount of monomer per full set than the experienced nail tech. This is because a kolinsky acrylic brush (the only hair that is capable of absorbing monomer) can hold up to 1/4 oz of monomer when fully saturated. This is why perfecting your powder to liquid ratio is crucial to cutting down on product waste and flawless acrylic application. The overuse of monomer is expected of beginners. You're learning. Don't beat yourself up. But you need a larger size of monomer regardless of experience level. 

Another big upgrade we've made, is the container itself. The handle on the jug is easy to grip. The jug is also a sturdier material for shipping. The 16oz jug has a excellent resistant to impact and temperature. So in normal terms, spills and leaks are kept to a minimum during shipment and at your nail station. 

This excites me as we continue to always strive to be better today than we were yesterday. The upgrade to the 16oz monomer is saving Dreamers so much money and time, in more ways than one!

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Latoya Lee

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